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Trusted Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max

Trusted Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Plus/13 Pro Max

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Gear up your phone touchscreen for the long haul. OtterBox Trusted Glass installs easily and helps protect your screen from drops, breaks and scratches. The glass resists smudges and fingerprints while maintaining the vivid clarity of your display. You can rely on OtterBox Trusted Glass to guard your screen from random daily scrapes and tumbles.
  • Anti-scratch defence for vivid clarity
  • Drop protection for shatter resistance
  • Smudge resistant
  • Helps protect screen from drops, breaks and scratches
  • 100% case compatibility
  • Friendly and effortless customer service

Otterbox ScreenMachine Professional Installation

  • Precision screen protector installation every time reduces warranty claims and fall out
  • Install screen protector in 1.5 minutes
  • Free installation included with purchase
  • Eliminates single-use parts and decreases retail package waste (Provides 61% waste savings, equal to 1,900 lbs. for every 15K units)
  • Universal support for Glass installation*

*Does not support foldable devices, not compatible with CP Film

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